Private Digital Investigations

Private Digital Investigations

The web is a giant, constantly-expanding universe and has several layers:

Surface web: Publicly available, indexable web content through search engines – like Google and Bing.

Deep web: Web content that is not indexed by search engines – mail accounts, intranet, leak platforms, private blogs, etc.

Dark web: Technology that gives people the ability to conduct totally anonymous searches, like TOR and I2P. TOR – unlike regular search engines – has seven layers of encryption. Nobody knows where these dark web servers lie.

Get relevant intelligence in real time

Our team of experts will manually to through the website analyze, review and identify the best means of getting in touch with webmasters to remove unwanted links including backlinks imported from all the major backlink checkers.

Make sense of the data

Actionable intelligence, enabling internal IT teams to effectively and quickly resolve issues.

Assured compliance

Assured compliance with all industry regulatory rules (HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 2, PCI DSS, GDPR, etc...)

Detailed reporting

We will generate a final report outlining the work completed and the result of our efforts.

Scalable service

Easily scalable service that grows as your security needs do.


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