Private Digital Investigations

private digital investigations

The web is a giant, constantly-expanding universe.

The web has several layers:

Surface web: Publicly available, indexable web content through search engines – like Google and Bing.
Deep web: Web content that is not indexed by search engines – mail accounts, intranet, leak platforms, private blogs, etc.
Dark web: Technology that gives people the ability to conduct totally anonymous searches, like TOR and I2P. TOR – unlike regular search engines – has seven layers of encryption. Nobody knows where these dark web servers lie.

Armed with state-of-the-art computer forensics technology and a versatile knowledge of the web (and all its hard-to-find places), we are your strongest ally in staying protected online. Our quick, discreet, and totally confidential services can also find data that can be critical in a court proceeding, competitor research, arbitration, real estate and more. We frequently work in verticals such as Finance, Entertainment, Brokerage Firms, Attorneys and Government to support or augment their internal teams.

Additionally, we offer a through monitoring service to always stay one step ahead of bad actors. We make it so that online surveillance doesn’t feel like an uphill battle.

Properly navigating the complex layers of the web requires an expert. If there is potentially harmful information out there, your organization needs to be proactive – not reactive.

Should you run the risk of being compromised by malicious data, our private digital investigators will pinpoint the threats before they turn into crises.
Our private digital investigators can solve your problems, answer your questions, and find the evidence you need in the never-ending search for the truth.

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