Chief Technology Officer
Advisory Services

what is a chief technology officer and why do i need one?

CTO as a Service from Cyber Guardian provides organizations with experienced, expert advice to deliver cloud-based business strategies. As the name itself suggests, CTO is a person responsible for the technical side of the software development process. This officer oversees managing technology partners, software developers, and IT support, setting up software development process and control, making key decisions on the technical stack and architecture.

Our CTOaaS will provide insight into your current organizational, technology, service and commercial context and give you the tools to establish an appropriate strategy to successfully transition and transform your overall organization.

CTOaaS includes dealing with projects from a technological perspective and making sure that the company has all the tools needed to complete these projects. We’ll give recommendations on how the existing corporate infrastructure can be improved and will find the optimal people and streamline the software development.

these are some of the matters that a cyber guardian CTO manages:

  • Data architecture, database design, data analysis
  • Cloud-born infrastructure, cloud scalability and performance
  • PoC projects
  • Short-term and long-term technological strategy
  • Quality of the final product
  • Agility of the software development process
  • Recruitment of professional developers and promotion of business growth
  • Documentation
  • Sponsorships and partnerships.