Cloud Based Security Cameras

Cloud Based Security Cameras

Our professional security system installers deliver and install world-class camera systems. We have decades of experience in planning, configuring and installing comprehensive CCTV deployments. Our IP surveillance systems are suited for both indoor and outdoor, rated for extreme environments (IP67 and above), 4K, 8K and 16K resolution, built-in IR LED illumination and IR cut filters, along with cutting-edge AI/ML and video analytics. We have designed and installed incredibly complex business camera systems, which can be integrated with other intelligence tools throughout your company.

Camera Installation

Our installers carefully select, place and configure every component to ensure smooth operation and compatibility. This assures the system operates as intended to reduce loss of footage, trouble calls, and other associated risks.

Our CCTV specialists assess your unique business needs to determine an optimal design. Once the job is completed, our maintenance staff continues to do work in the background, provide updates, look for abnormalities in the code/program - all to ensure you're always functioning properly and receiving the maximum benefits for your company.

• Continuous monitoring and tracking of every movement.

• Extensive video archives for long term history. We have both on-premise and cloud-based solutions to store your video footage. This can be a few months to a few years of historical recordings.

• Remote access to view your live and past video feeds anywhere in the world, from NY to Dubai.

Detect and Stop Crimes

Surveillance cameras keep an eye on your business around the clock, and can send alerts based on various activities.

Security Guards

Efficiency: Combining surveillance with guards allows a much better overview of the asset(s) being protected.

Reduce Business Liability

We ensure you have clear and easily accessible recordings to disprove any false claims. Having these installed also tend to reduce many insurance policies.

Video Management Software

Video Management Software (VMS) captures and stores the footage from cameras monitoring a designated area to offer unrivaled security to employees, customers, clients, and more..

Although new security devices hit the market every year, CGCG's software packages work perfectly with legacy devices that were installed by an earlier manufacturer or provider.

Overwatch Monitoring Services

Our monitoring services provide coverage for firms looking to reduce the cost of having on-site personnel. Highly-trained commercial security specialists monitor cameras to safeguard a facility and those interacting with it.We have created a custom-built software alert system, which the live team can understand anytime an irregular event occurs. We use meaningful judgment to either alert the appropriate staff member at your organization or the authorities if needed.


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