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Innovative Solutions

That Evolve with the Threat Landscape


With a security-first mindset, Cyber Guardian provides an array of services that provide real-time insight into how your technology infrastructure is functioning. This information allows us to give the best advice possible, and you to make suitable informed decisions.

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    When an alert is issued during an attack you won’t have to tell us, because we’ll already be on the case. You’ll know who’s attacking, what technique they’re using, and what we’re doing to stop it.

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    unparalleled flexibility

    Our services are tailored to your needs and designed to give you the best protection possible. With constantly evolving cybersecurity threats, we ensure our solutions are current and our clients secure.

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    ongoing support

    You’ll have peace of mind knowing our proactive security solutions are continuously working for you. You can stop worrying and focus on the important work you’re doing.

Three Phases of

Cybersecurity Protection


We offer cybersecurity services in three different phases.
These phases are independent of each other and combining them is encouraged and discounted!



End Point Protection
Available per Workstation and Server

  • Shape -3

    Endpoint Protection for Workstations and Servers

  • Shape 955

    Proactive Maintenance

  • Shape 726

    Automated Patching

  • Shape 723

    Web Protection

  • Shape 953

    Tuning & Optimization

  • Shape 954

    Asset Management

  • Shape -2

    Remote Support (billed hourly)

  • Shape 727

    AI Assisted Detection and Response



Email and Cloud Security
Available per User

  • Shape 724

    Email Security

    • Anti-phishing
    • Computer Vision
    • Spoofing and Spam filters
    • Office365 & G Suite Compatible

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    Cloud Security

    • Amazon Web Services
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Google Cloud Platform



Hardware and Physical Solutions
Available per Item with Licenses

  • Shape 723

    Next Generation Firewall

  • Shape 954

    Network design and implementation

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    Disaster Recovery

  • Shape 949

    Cyber-Awareness Best Practices Training