Door Access Control

Door Access Control

CGCG has completed some of the largest door access control projects in the area. Our team members have decades of experience with wired and wireless key card access systems. As access control installers, we understand the importance of monitoring, controlling and having a record of who enters and leaves your property or building. We specialize in access control systems for gates, hotels, cannabis dispensaries and cultivators, industrial facilities, warehouses, apartment complexes, general contractors, retail and tech firms.Continuous monitoring and tracking of entries/exits makes sure no party gains access without proper authorization. Access systems can sound an alert when unauthorized access is attempted, provides for an extensive audit trail, and allows for detailed information showing who was where, and at what times.

Access Control

Authorized personnel can make changes and review audit trails from anywhere.

Intercoms and
Telephone Entry

Commercial intercoms or a telephone entry system boost business security, simplify door access control, and streamline visitor management for your facility.

An intercom system lets admins remotely see or speak with visitors at the door. Visitors simply press a button on the intercom panel to ring a buzzer, and wait for admins to answer the call. Admins can verify guests through video communication or voice-over messaging, and decide whether to unlock the door.

and Readers

We provide a spectrum of credentials to gain access. This can be a variety of objects such as a smartphone app (iOS & Android), Web Portal (Chrome, Firefox, Edge and others), PIN key, Key Fob, or Smart Card.

Those seeking entry can flash, wave, or scan their devices in front of security readers, which then validates the credentials and either grants or denies access. Unlocking capabilities via Bluetooth, RFID, and NFC, among others.

Access Control

A single pane of glass to manage all access control. You can easily manage users, visitors, schedules, and access policies.


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