Chief Information Officer
Advisory Services

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Providing a Strategic IT Partner

Every organization, regardless of size, needs someone in charge of its information technology. A Chief Information Officer traditionally works to ensure all technology and business interests are aligned to create the best atmosphere possible for achieving your business's goals. Cyber Guardian’s Chief Information Officer Advisory Services (CIOaaS) provides a strategic IT partner for your business to make sure all of your technology needs are met, up to date, and the best possible solution for your business’s needs.

A Cyber Guardian CIO brings insight, experience, and a fresh pair of eyes to your technology leadership team. We work with confidence to aide in making the right calls for your organization.

a team leader and industry professional

The CIO coordinates the multiple parts of an organization’s operations that require the use of technology. A Cyber Guardian CIO will continually partner with your company’s existing IT team, or help to create one, and then lead your business’s technology strategy. By providing expert advice, a sounding board, and possibly even a sanity check when needed, a Cyber Guardian CIO engages in strategic conversations with everyone involved to create the best digital environment possible.

Cyber Guardian’s CIOaS model is flexible to ensure the service meets your needs while offering you the best value. This partnership is created based on needs and goals. From small projects such as helping with IT policy work which could take a few days, to an oversight role that requires a couple of days a month, to large business projects which may require full-time service for a few months, a Cyber Guardian CIO works with you to assess, plan and complete any IT related tasks.

Whatever the scope of engagement, there are clear lines of accountability and reporting. The CIOaS provides the person you need to help with updates and strategies and conveying those to your company’s top-level executives in a competent and professional manner.

functions and responsibilities

The CIO balances many moving parts within an organization. From staffing concerns to board meetings, the CIO takes on the responsibility for an entire department that truly touches on every other part of a business’s infrastructure. Cyber Guardian’s CIOaS is no different than having an in-house CIO and will help with:

  • Developing IT strategy and roadmap planning
  • Creating Technology use protocol and policy
  • Budgeting and board reporting
  • Daily governance, risk prevention and compliance management
  • Developing all or parts of the IT service architecture
  • Analyzing current solutions with proposals for modernization and optimization
  • Managing migration to a cloud-based strategy
  • Preparing organizational processes for DevOps adoption
  • Contract planning and negotiation for service development and implementation
  • Financial management of IT functions, products, services and providers