Selected Agglomeration

A brief overview of select opportunities we were fortunate enough to be able to participate in.

Construction & Design firm


Business size

The client is a large-sized modular construction and design firm with offices in three states, and employees throughout the world who work remotely and have a large manufacturing plant.

Business Challenges


Frequent phishing, malware and spam e-mails evaded their cloud security in Office 365.

Technical Team Challenges

Internal IT was faced with too many tasks, regular issues that required Tier 3 & 4 support and encountered non-technical concerns with vendors who did not meet satisfactory response times when a C-Suite team member encountered a critical incident.

No Proactive Measures in-place

Much of their practice revolved around manual patching, unmanaged networks and minimally capable remote tools for advanced support.

Proposed Solution

Make a change to their IT structure and support.

We took on the management of all their IT functions in their Manhattan office and provided co-managed support with the client's Technology Department in their offices, manufacturing plant, acting as a Tier IV Helpdesk.

We implemented a range of endpoint protection solutions, network upgrades and consulted on how to create more proactive workflows. Furthermore, a cloud-based backup was setup as a means to offset risk and recover from any potential disaster.


Tier IV Help Desk

Next-Generation Network Firewall (NGFW)

Multi-Layered Anti-Phishing and Anti-Malware System

Custom Developed Software Solutions

After onboarding, a NGFW was installed, and subsequently a Remote Monitoring and Management framework, along with Endpoint Detection and Remediation (EDR). When phishing emails spiked, we deployed a multi-layered system to prevent phishing, spam, spoofing, and other business email compromise attacks – reducing this category of e-mails to 1/5000,000 occurrences – an industry best. Lastly, the workload and added benefit of the CGCG Help Desk allowed for an immediately and recognizable return on investment (ROI).

Community Center


Business size

A popular community center focused on providing an educational outlet through artistic expression for people of all ages.

Business Challenges

Given the opportunity to move into a brand-new space as part of a revitalization initiative. This client approached CGCG to plan and install the IT and network infrastructure, low voltage cabling, Cybersecurity and several other state-of-the-art technology products to accompany their new space.


Proposed Solution

Develop a Cutting-Edge Network Plan

Based on what our client was looking for, we developed a plan encapsulating everything from door access control and cloud managed cameras to endpoint protection and a next generation firewall. 

We were able to eliminate redundant electrical runs by incorporating power over ethernet wherever possible.


Building IT Structure

Working with a leading architecture firm in New York, electricians, the general contractor (GC) and other groups, we helped to adapt the building plans in order to meet our client’s technical requirements.



Improved Visibility with 4K Camera Installations

Low Voltage Cabling (CAT7, Alarm Wire)

Cisco and Microsoft Partners (Top 5%)

Next-Gen WAF (Web Application Firewall)

90% Savings in Azure & AWS Billing

Negotiated Preferred ISP Pricing

From the beginning, the client was satisfied with our ability to be flexible, on budget, and work closely with their team in order to maintain their projected timeline, even as change orders were submitted.

Throughout this project we have developed lasting relationships with all parties involved and are enthusiastic to take on more projects within the non-profit (501c3) and community-support sectors.

Real Estate Firm


Business size

A leading Hudson Valley, New York real estate company of nearly ten offices and almost half a century in business faced unnecessary IT costs associated with their previous managed IT provider and a total lack of Cybersecurity and vulnerability management.

Business Challenges


High print costs for offices (50,000 page volume each month)

Unified connectivity at remote locations (Single Domain Login)

Sub-standard responsiveness and website performance (Mobile-first)

Proposed Solution

Remediate infected devices, remove print vendor, migrate servers.

CGCG presented the client with a plan which included abatement of the current breach, building out a new modernized website, implementing a universal directory and revising their cost and service inefficiencies. Our proposal would also unify all agents and employees under a single domain managed by CGCG, restrict the use of personal emails to help avoid phishing and other email based threats, while creating a more secured and streamlined network environment that would infinitely better protect them in the event of future targeted attacks.


New, more cost-efficient print solutions

Migration from on-prem mailboxes to Google Workspace

Virus-free computer systems

1-hour SLA maintained throughout contract period

This firm not only saved on IT expenses, but due to our expertise, they ended up with a net profit when calculating their savings and the cost of our services. Furthermore, they now have proactive safeguards, a more efficient workplace, as well as a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. They trust us to remediate any issues that may arise around the clock – we are the only 24/7 provider in the region.